electric imp’s Connectivity Platform

The Electric Imp connectivity platform (figure 11), featuring fully integrated hardware, software, OS, APIs and cloud service, makes it possible to effectively empower Assmann’s devices with intelligence, scalability and flexibility. Electric imp’s powerful connectivity solution does all the heavy lifting, freeing manufacturers up to concentrate on creating the best and smartest products and services possible.

  • Imp Hardware: The Electric Imp platform starts with the imp, a powerful WiFi-enabled processor module that can be integrated into your product and act as the gateway to the Internet, providing it with secure connectivity and a brain in the cloud.
  • Imp OS: The software foundation for the imp’s features and services that lets manufacturers and their software partners customize their device code to bring their product’s functions to life.
  • Imp Cloud: Electric imp’s cloud allows manufacturers to run agents – server side code that runs in a secure environment – that can be used to offload heavy tasks best performed by a server, and easily connect manufacturers’ products to anything with Internet access.
  • Imp Open API: Enrich manufacturers’ customer experience and build manufacturers’ business by developing enhancements like messaging, monitoring, and much more.
  • Imp BlinkUp: The proprietary Electric Imp setup solution, BlinkUp, integrates seamlessly into manufacturers’ apps, letting manufacturers and their customers connect products in seconds using just a smartphone or tablet. BlinkUp goes beyond just WiFi setup to connect and provision a new device in a single step.
  • Imp Services – IDE and Ops Console: Maintain software, push new code and features easily to devices anytime, and ensure that the manufacturers’ users always have the latest features. The Ops Console enables manufacturers to gain more insight into factory’s production lines and scale to millions of devices.

Electric imp’s connectivity platform

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